From Citizen Link, here’s a list of predicted fallout from the marriage ruling of the Supreme Court. Will this now lead to rampant revers discrimination?

The tax-exempt status of non-profit ministries and organizations will be under attack nationwide.

Parents will have no say in what their children are taught about relationships and marriage in public schools. No notice in advance. No chance to opt out.

Teachers who express support for marriage may be fired.

Christian college accreditation will be attacked.

Government-backed student-loans at those colleges will go away.

Faith-based adoption agencies will be forced out of business.

Christian business owners, wedding photographers, cake bakers, florists, etc, will be sued for discrimination if they turn down business for a same-sex ceremony.

Churches open up their buildings to outside groups will be sued if they turn down events such as a reception for a same-sex wedding.

Faith-based charities and relief organizations that get money from the government will see those grants go away.

The freedom of Christian organizations to hire people who are in harmony with their beliefs will be attacked.

Members of the military who disagree will be challenged.

People who work for city and county governments who express support for marriage may lose their jobs.

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But if that’s not enough, consider this, from the daughter of a gay couple:

Either way, I still feel like gay people are my people. I’ve learned so much from you. You taught me how to be brave, especially when it is hard. You taught me empathy. You taught me how to listen. And how to dance. You taught me not be afraid of things that are different. And you taught me how to stand up for myself, even if that means I stand alone.

I’m writing to you because I’m letting myself out of the closet: I don’t support gay marriage. But it might not be for the reasons that you think.

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Considering all the potential and actual fallout suggest one consider if the speed with which this was accomplished had some ulterior motive.