Ever wish there was some way to help get involved in scripture in a world that disdains the Bible? Here’s a new perspective. A dad, Kent Evans, has set out to “build the next generation of Godly men,” with the “Manhood Journey.”

“We started just trying to get fathers and sons to have some kind of biblical dialogue, and then it turned into a bit of a movement,” he recently told The Church Boys podcast. “Our objective is to say, ‘Hey, guess who invented fatherhood?'” he said. “The guy who invented fatherhood happens to tell you a whole lot about it in his word.”

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A strong father and son relationship is critical for young men. In my book They’re your kids! I discuss the story of a single dad who realized his son was not thriving in the school system. Next, this father decided to find a new approach and began homeschooling his son. This is the perfect example of a father who is deeply committed to his son and willing to work hard to provide him with the best education possible. Read more about the importance of committing to your children in my new book here.