“This week the California Assembly begins final deliberations on Sen. Ricardo Lara’s “Equity in Higher Education Act” (SB 1146). The bill, which passed the Senate in late May, has a salutary purpose — to ensure against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation at California campuses.”

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Legislation such as SB 1146 is intended to infringe upon the rights of private faith based institutions in order to pamper to special interest groups. Private faith based schools would have to comply with this legislation or lose their federal funding if this was passed.

Christianity Today reported August 10th,

“A day after religious leaders released an open letter calling on California to protect religious liberty in higher education, the lawmaker behind a controversial bill  (SB 1146) dropped the proposal in question, allowing religious schools to keep exemptions to anti- discrimination laws related to sexuality.”

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Thankfully this legislation was stopped. This serves as a blatant reminder how removed Christians are from the political process. If Christians were truly committed to protecting and promoting the values of Christ, this legislation should never have been introduced. Christians have stepped away from culture. For example, public schools teach evolution as a fact, religion as false, and liberalism as truth, while Christians do nothing to promote Biblical principals in school. Stopping SB 1146 is a good step in the right direction but Christians have a long way to go. If Christian people, churches, and colleges are not focused on impacting culture how can they raise generations of students to affect the world for Christ?