The second night of the Democratic National Convention was devoted to showcasing RINOs who picked the wrong horse in the 2016 Republican primaries and never got over it. As they have been shut out of the cash and influence of presidential favor since Trump was elected, they have a personal grudge against the president.

That vendetta, and the hunger for crumbs from Joe Biden’s table, is the reason they were used as disposable pawns at the Tuesday Democrat episode of Masochism Theater. Let’s see who these cheap hustlers are, shall we?

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Former New Jersey GOP Governor Christine Todd Whitman: Governed New Jersey like an out of touch sorority girl. Sorry for the insult, to sorority girls. Whitman wants back in the limelight and will do almost anything for it.

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Former New York Rep. Susan Molinari: A social media executive now, this previously conservative GOP lawmaker has a new paycheck and thus new priorities.

Quibi CEO Meg Whitman: Ran against Trump in 2016, got her clock cleaned. Now her petulance and grudge drives her to embrace radical leftists. Was she ever a Republican at all? Probably not.

Ohio GOP Governor John Kasich: We’ve already covered sad John in a previous article. What more can you say about this pathetic human Basset Hound who can apparently be bought for a very low price? Oh yeah, forgot — we can say he talks like a badly programmed automaton.

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Bush administration Secretary of State Colin Powell: A political general who in his dotage wants an ambassadorship. If his delivery was any more monotonous he’d qualify as a dose of Ambien.

Cindy McCain: This is just sad really. The McCain family is taking a personal vendetta beyond the grave. Senator John McCain did enough damage out of sheer personal pique while he was alive. Must his family continue the petty cage match?

Others who have come out for Biden include: Anthony Scaramucci, a former Trump pal who served as White House communications director for just two weeks. I mean, how do you screw up that fast? He’s taken his not so brilliant performance at the White House and leveraged it into a further hit on his own reputation.

Former GOP House speakers John Boehner and Paul Ryan have refused to say whether they will vote for Trump. The no comment means no. Hope Ryan has given up on national office as a Republican. If not, this move does it for him.

Former President George W. Bush and his brother Jeb Bush both told The New York Times that they would not vote for the president. Still smarting Jeb!? Really, man, get over it.

Former Trump White House chief of staff and Homeland Security secretary John Kelly came out against Trump by praising Jim Mattis’ op-ed in The Atlantic in June. Kelly has said in regards to this election year, “I think we need to look harder at who we elect.” There you have it. A list of posers, pawns, and puppets. When this is over and if Trump wins, they’ll be having crow for breakfast. We’ll be quaffing champagne. Seems fair to me.

This piece was written by David Kamioner on August 19, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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