Fans often send me information so I can report it wider than their reach. Sometimes it is extremely useful, as in the case of the woman in Pennsylvania who sent me this note:

I just received a mail-in ballot application for good ol’ PA. It was taped to my car presumably by one of my neighbors, so it wasn’t even delivered to my house. (Surprise!)
It’s already filled out, with few exceptions, one being, “Identification.” I can use my PA DOT driver’s license or ID card # or the last four of my SS#. However  (and this is my favorite), I can check the box that states, “I do not have a PA driver’s license or a PennDOT ID card or a Social Security number.” AND the website for this application has nothing about any other forms of ID required. Imagine that!
The accompanying letter states that, “Voting by mail is EASY (and) …keeps you healthy and safe.” Well, sure! Anybody could complete this and sign my name. Are they really going to check my ID? Especially if I maintain that I don’t have the forms of ID requested???
Oh, yes, and this was sent by the Center for Voter Information, that gleaned my info from public voting records apparently. Not even from the state of PA! And I can return it in the handy dandy pre-paid, pre-addressed envelope. Wowee!
Ppl who think that this election won’t be fraudulent are delusional, stupid or Democrats… or all three… and I’m still a registered Democrat! What the heck????

If anyone else has this experience, please share. As citizens of this great nation, we ought not to allow people to corrupt our most sacred institution – the individual vote.