Oscars Announce Christian Movies Will Not Be Considered For Best Picture Unless They Star Kevin Sorbo

This article from the Babylon Bee is hilarious, making light of an otherwise terribly serious subject – the Oscars! I mean, they certainly take themselves seriously. Having recently canceled the very first African American Female to win an Oscar, and suffering fromt he #OscarSoWhite campaign, this newest set of rules (for artists!) is beyond the pale.

So it makes perfect sense that the Bee would poke some fun at the Oscars. Let’s start a new hashtag: #OscarSoDesperate.

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BEVERLY HILLS, CA—In response to massive public outcry for diversity quotas in films from two Huffington Post writers, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced sweeping requirements for any film wishing to be considered for Best Picture. In addition to quotas for minorities, women, and non-binary mermaid queens, they will now require all Christian movies wishing to be considered for Best Picture to star Kevin Sorbo.

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