Sam Sorbo Says Home Education Is Essential for Teaching Biblical Morals

Actress Sam Sorbo, an advocate for home education, offered her tips and tricks for teaching children while at home as teachers and parents are navigating schooling during the pandemic.

Sorbo not only taught her children from home but also wrote two books relating to homeschooling and parenting called They’re Your Kids and Teach From Love. Sorbo is passionate about raising children with biblical values that honor God and prepare children with a strong foundation before entering a world that despises God. She also points out public schools’ failure to uphold those morals.

As more families teach their children within their own homes for the first time, Sorbo sat down with The Christian Post to offer advice.

“The thing that people have to realize is there’s homeschooling, and there’s home education,” Sorbo told The Christian Post. “Homeschooling is best described as doing homework with your child that he or she is assigned by a school teacher. Home education is parent-led learning. The goal of a home educator is to instill and cultivate a love for learning that will last a lifetime.”

Sorbo advocates for parents to take the responsibility to lead their children in an upright and encouraging way.  It allows for direct involvement in the child’s education and builds a tighter relationship between the child and the parent.

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