Rooting Out Infection from the Heart

You thought this would be easy? (Rooting out evil from the very heart?)

Donald Trump declared his candidacy and immediately became the target of the deep state, which, these days includes China. This, in turn, allowed him to reveal, by walking through it himself, the absolute corruption within our government and our fourth estate – the media:

  1. Spied on (as private individuals) by our own intelligence agencies
  2. Lied about continuously by the media (92% negative stories), which he in turn dubbed “Fake News”
  3. Set-up by deep state sting operations on his staff: Manafort, Stone, and Flynn
  4. Accused of collusion with Russia Russia Russia – the nation Hillary gave a “reset button”
  5. Impeached for something his opponent Biden actually successfully did
  6. Accused of killing over 200,000 Americans because of a new virus from a foreign adversary with whom he is restructuring our financial and strategic dealings
  7. And now opponents are finding just enough votes, last-minute, to tip the scales in the devil’s favor.

Except – remember his accomplishments!

  1. Greatest economy
  2. Lowest unemployment for all demographics
  3. Brought “permanently lost” jobs back to the US
  4. Restructured deals with foreign nations
  5. Exit from TPP
  6. Exit from Paris Climate accord
  7. Exit from Obamacare mandate
  8. Domestic oil production
  9. Moved Embassy to Jerusalem
  10. Opportunity Zones
  11. Lower drug prices…

Of course, they HATE him. Of course, they will use all their weapons against him.

They HATE the USA. He LOVES the US.

Are you surprised by the audacity of the evil lurking in plain sight?

And not surprised he ran for a second term?

Trump has fought through Hell and back.

We must continue to escort him, lest the demons prevail.

Is there any doubt that God chose this man for this time and purpose? The scales are falling from our eyes. He has exposed the level of corruption and depredation in our political/media conglomerate, and this election He continues to do the same.

Yes, the putrefaction is worse than we imagined, as perhaps half the country approves of lying, cheating and stealing to get their way. Therefore, we must continue the fight for what is right, good, and noble. It’s not supposed to be easy.

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