Teach from Love

We cannot expect our children to develop foundational, virtuous characteristics by osmosis. It takes dedication and deliberateness to grow into godly adults (and remain so!) Here is a fun, thought-provoking tool to help you lead our student(s) on the straight and narrow path.

How best can we follow Jesus? Emulate Christ in character!

A must-read devotional for families and school teachers who wish to pursue inspirational, Christian living!






    Scripture: Explore examples and stories daily, and delve into the discussion!

    Attentiveness and Dedication: Show someone their importance by offering your undivided attention.

    Patience and Humility: How is patience the opposite of anger? How does humility help with patience?






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Sam Sorbo, mom to three and author of They’re YOUR Kids: An Inspirational Journey from Self-Doubter to Home School Advocate, hosted the nationally syndicated Sam Sorbo Show, and recently co-wrote, produced, and co-starred in the feature, Let There Be Light (fall 2017).