The Answer: Proof of God in Heaven

Why this book?

There are a lot of people that are searching for answers. This book is intended to be a light on the path.

God gives us many, many, many chances but he gave us one gift that he will not reverse or take back, and that’s the gift of free choice. There are people who reject God over and over and over again until eventually God says, I will accept your decision, your free decision in eternity. Eternity is not a long time; it’s the absence of time. Those people will be separated from God forever. That is called hell.

The strange thing is that when 9/11 happened, here in America, the churches were full for about six or nine months. The moment we have a problem, we seek out help from above. But God couldn't want to be a God of last resort. The better we’re doing, the less we need God. It should be the other way around being grateful when we’re doing well and thanking God every day, but the better we’re doing, the more arrogant we get. And yet, we all struggle.

This is a book about hope and the message of forgiveness - not my message, by the way. I am just a translator, making sense of confusion brought about by the distractions of this world. Please read this book with an open heart. It will answer the questions that you have been pondering, and aid you on your own journey toward God and the Light. It is not a book of admonitions or warnings. It is a book of love, written in the hope that it will increase the love in your life, and in all of our lives, on this world.