The Underground Education community is completely free.

Go to and click on the “Underground Education” page in the top navigation bar. On that page select “Join Underground Education Community”. You will see the following screen and be prompted for your name and your photo.

Since Google and Facebook are a part of the problem with our Freedoms, we recommend that you NOT use social media logins, as that lets them know about your login behavior.   Use your email, then click on NEXT and enter your email and create a password that you will remember.  If you forget you can reset it.

Then click on your image in the upper right corner and edit your profile to add in your tagline, where you live and your backstory, so we can get to know you.  This is NOT a place for information about your business.  If you have a LinkedIn profile, a company website or you want to put in other social media links, that is the best way to tell us about that side of your life.

Absolutely.  In fact, we encourage you to do just that and we have an Ambassador program that recognizes how many of your friends and family have joined.  You can earn discounts on our upcoming event and on merchandise by inviting at least 2 people to Underground Education.

To invite someone once you have joined, click HERE.  It will provide both a link which you can share on social media or in a text and it will give you an email form that you can customize to send an email invitation.  Either way, it contains your personal link to track your referrals.  That is what is used for our Ambassador program.

We want to make sure that everyone feels comfortable sharing their questions and concerns in the Community and that includes your teens.

Invite them from your INVITE link on the Community when you login.  That way they will show as referred by you.

We have created a special topic just for teens to voice their feelings about home schooling.

We would love it if you have been homeschooling for awhile and if your kids are up for it, for them to share their story with the community.

For younger kids, we recommend that you join Underground Education first and then you decide if it is age appropriate for your younger ones.

Yes you can.  Go to the ABOUT page on the Community and at the bottom of the page you will find a place to put in your mobile number.  It will then text you the link to download the app for your IOS or Android device.  NOTE:

You will be downloading the MIGHTY NETWORKS application to your phone.


Mighty Networks is the platform where LIVE FREE and our community reside.  It is private, by invitation only and the contents of the platform are NOT searchable outside the platform.

Chicke Fitzgerald, who runs the Live Free platform has been operating communities and communities within communities for over 15 years using Mighty Networks.  If you have technical problems, she is the one who will be helping you!


My good friend and colleague Chicke Fitzgerald founded MyPatriotMarketplace and launched LIVE FREE as a private community for people that love God, family and freedom.  She has been creating communities and communities within the main community for over 15 years.  She runs a company called Solutionz.  Check her out on the Community once you are on board.

To date, Mighty Networks has not censored any communities that Chicke runs, including LIVE FREE.

Underground Education does not censor discussions, but we do hold to the code of conduct of the LIVE FREE Community.

This includes not spamming, no mean posts and no blatant self-promotion of your business.  You can feel free to put a link to your company website and to your LinkedIn profile, but please, no “pitching”.

One of the best things that you can do is get engaged.  If you are a newbie, tell us about yourself and your situation.  Check out the TOPICS and “follow” those that interest you.  Then your Activity Feed will be customized to your interests.

Ask questions.  Share your concerns.

If you are experienced (whether in the midst of home schooling or you have completed at least the first leg of your parenting journey and the kids are out of the house), we’d love to hear your experiences.  Share how you felt at the beginning of the journey.

If your kids and your spouse are willing, post their stories and questions/concerns too, even if they aren’t members of the Community.

Then invite others.  Make them feel at home.  Once you are a Gold Ambassador (have invited 25 or more), you will be eligible to apply to become a Moderator.

And it goes without saying that if you are able, please attend our Conference in June.  See EVENTS for details.


Yes, the pricing is located on the EVENT landing page.  We want to maintain an intimate environment, so we are limiting attendance to 300.

You can purchase tickets for adults, your spouse and your teens on that page.  There are early bird discounts available for Members.


Underground Education – Playbook for Home Learning Conference 

You may purchase tickets on the event page.

Underground Education – Playbook for Home Learning Conference 

This is not a time related discount.  We have allotted a number of tickets at the Early Discount price and it is first come, first served.

Pricing tickets at a low price is an incentive to make a commitment early.  The earlier that people commit to an event, the easier it is to plan.

If you want to pay for them, just buy the tickets and you will receive the ticket by email and you can pass that on to whoever you are gifting it to.

If they are going to pay for their own ticket, you can provide the link directly to the ticketing site.


We have partnered with TravelingToGive to provide lodging nearby, plus driving directions and optional car rental and air travel for those coming from outside of South Florida.

TravelingToGive donates a percentage of their revenues to charity and they guarantee the lowest available published prices on hotels.

To book your trip, click HERE

The short answer is no.

We do not provide childcare and this is not an event for children. Children are welcome to accompany ticketed adults, as long as they are well behaved.  If the child creates disruptions then the parent is expected to take him /her outside the room.

Teens are welcome at the event and we have made a special teen ticket available and we are having a special session on Friday night geared just for teens.

For younger children, since this is an all day event on Saturday, we don’t think it will be appropriate to bring them.

If you can’t afford the ticket and a sitter, please join the Community and contact Sam Sorbo via chat about a scholarship for the event.

We are planning on recording the event and if the facility has adequate wifi, we will live stream.

We will update you via the Community either way.

People purchasing an adult ticket will receive a printed and bound Playbook, a pen and a bag.   Additional kits are for sale in advance and a limited number will be available on the day of the event.

Bring an open mind and do your best to be rested, as Saturday will be a full day with lots of information being shared.

We will provide a printed and bound playbook where there is room to take notes and we will provide a pen.  But if you want to bring your own notebook and your favorite pen, that is fine!

We are not providing lunch, so feel free to bring a sack lunch.  We are working on the possibility of having a food truck with food available for purchase.  Again, we will provide updates closer to the event on the Community site.

We will have an opportunity to apply for a scholarship if you can’t afford to come.

We also have volunteer opportunities that would provide free admission.

Join the community and contact Sam Sorbo via chat to speak with her about a scholarship or your availability to volunteer.

Home Schooling

Learning deficits, remember, are only termed that as they are compared with what the “experts deem to be the standard. Einstein didn’t speak till him was over three years of age. He had a “learning deficit.”

If you are concerned about the abilities of your child I encourage you to seek out that child’s special gifting, rather than focus on what might be “missing.” Allow them to learn in their own way and encourage them on that path.

Great! Offer him or her more exploration, more opportunities for learning!

Learning deficits, remember, are only termed that as they are compared with what the “experts deem to be the standard. Einstein didn’t speak till him was over three years of age. He had a “learning deficit.” If you are concerned about the abilities of your child I encourage you to seek out that child’s special gifting, rather than focus on what might be “missing.” Allow them to learn in their own way and encourage them on that path.

Have a question not answered here?

Join the Community and ask the question there.