Don't be Fooled into Preschooling YOUR Kids

Don't be Fooled into Preschooling YOUR Kids

One teacher sent home a letter to parents after the first month on preschool, and it went viral. You can read much of it here. The letter complains about the young thee- and four-year-olds (and one student wasn't even three yet) being unable or unwilling to sit quietly and color, then takes a dig at working parents, insinuating that they are too caught up in work to spend time teaching their children to obey rules and act unselfishly. It did sound like there were tremendous hurdles to overcome with these unruly toddlers. In fact, it sounded like the classroom was mayhem, with thirty or more out-of-control, fighting, temper-tantrumming little children who missed their naps. 

We made it through a really tough first month with tears, attitudes, unwillingness, not listening, not obeying the rules and especially, too much talking and not enough sitting in seats when asked to. We work on this every day at school, but we need help from home, too. We realize kids don’t want to sit and would rather talk and play when they want to; but that’s not how school works.

One writer pointed out the class attendance was eight. Only eight.

Boy, the attitudes of your toddler, parent, you should be ashamed. Your little precious doesn't want to sit in school! train them to behave, so my job is easier!

Here's the rub: preschool is NOT school. That what the prefix differentiates! It's preschool, but proponents of preschool think of it like 'training to be in school.' No wonder kids hate school.

Much of the criticism of the letter focuses on the teacher's expectations for the young children, because this "educator's" main point is that children should behave like they will in kindergarten and first grade, because they will soon be in kindergarten and first grade. 

Saying that a 3-year-old should sit and color because they’ll be doing it in kindergarten and first grade is like saying that a first-grader should be memorizing multiplication tables because they’ll be doing that in the third and fourth grades. It makes no developmental sense whatsoever.

They also complain about the way in which the teacher communicated with the parents. "Nevertheless, she feels it is the parents’ responsibility to start drilling mature behavior into their toddlers. Yep, that’s right: She sent home homework assignments for mom and dad. . . "

Nothing in the letter dealt with education. It was entirely about behavior. Preschool is focused on training young children to follow rules and deny their own impulses. That's great if want robotic or Marxists, but not if you want freedom-loving entrepreneurs.

One individual commented they saw nothing wrong with the teacher desiring the parents to instruct the children on sharing. My answer to that is, why teach them to share when they will learn 'survival of the fittest' is the law of the land in school, anyway?

Keep your child out of preschool, out of the clutches of creeps who seek only to control them. Keep your child out of public school for as long as you can. Home education is still the very best option for the education of a child, because They're YOUR Kids.