Early Education is a Disaster!

New Study shows early education is a disaster!

“Early childhood education in the U.S. is a disaster, and policies in all 50 states and the District of Columbia do little to address the low wages and economic insecurity among teachers and the lack of affordable, high-quality services for children.”

Early childhood education has sadly failed. Kids are not given the care and education they need. Instead, they are left behind. The article above offers the possible solutions of increased funding and more highly trained teachers. Yet, the United States already spends $154 billion on education per year. Additionally, states with the highest education budgets are not producing high results. For example, New York spends $17,326 per student and USA Today reports,

“Despite the high levels of education spending, New York students' scores on standardized tests overall were on par or even lower than the national averages in 2013.”

If we begin with the agreed premise that every child deserves a solid education, then we must observe that home education is an increasingly attractive alternative to our falling schools. Parents can give their child a personalized education, right at home. With our incredible technological advances and Internet access literally any family can homeschool, regardless of finances or family structure. Online courses, tutoring, and co-op classes are fantastic options for families. Resources like the Home School Legal Defense Association and my new book They’re your kids! provides families with support and ideas every step of the way. Homeschooling allows parents to pour into their children creating a stronger and healthier family.