Free Preschool = Free Daycare but that's not all...

Free Preschool = Free Daycare but that's not all...

From a media briefing by the Royal Economic Society: 

FREE PRE-SCHOOL EDUCATION: Evidence of the impact on child outcomes in primary school

  • Published Date: May 2016

The introduction of free part-time pre-school places for three year olds in England in the early 2000s led to small improvements in the children’s attainment at age five but with no apparent benefits by the ages of seven and eleven. That is the central finding of a study by researchers from the universities of Essex and Surrey, funded by the Nuffield Foundation and published in the May 2016 issue of the Economic Journal.

The issue isn't whether preschool is beneficial to education for our kids, the issue, and admittedly it's well-hidden, is that the earlier in life the government can get their hands on the brains of our children, the sooner they can begin to mold the little children into servant of the State.


It's what's for school, these days.

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