Hillary Clinton Is Above the Law

By Richard Manning 

"FBI Director James Comey’s recommendation Tuesday that Hillary Clinton escape federal prosecution for exposing our national security infrastructure means the Obama administration’s politicization of the entire federal government and the system of justice is complete." "Just one day after our nation celebrated its 240th birthday, James Comey ended the noble notion that no one in America is above the law." 

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The United States prides itself on having a system of justice. Yet instead of protecting and upholding this system Hillary Clinton and her staff have chosen to intentionally violate it, placing the security of the entire nation at great risk. Hillary Clinton violated several federal laws including, Executive Order 13526 and 18 US Code 793, find a more complete list of violations here

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan explained during an interview on the Kelly File,

"People have been convicted for far less, this certainly does underscore the belief that the Clintons live above the law, and this is one of the reasons why people are so dissatisfied, so upset about government. They think that people live by a different set of rules, and the Clintons, they take the candle on this one."