Interview with Covenant Spotlight

On Monday, I had the privilege of conducting an interview with Covenant Spotlight. We spoke about my recently released book which advocates for home schooling, entitled, 'They're your kids!'.

Below are some of the highlights, but I encourage you to read the full interview here


CSpot: Do you mind sharing with us what you believe to be some of the most compelling things you’ve discovered about our public school system? 

Sam: I realized that I was filled with self-doubt because of our school system, and that’s just sort-of a phenomenal epiphany. Look, I went to Duke University. I studied biomedical engineering. I speak five languages fluently, and I did not feel adequate to the task of educating a third grader! And that’s not just me – that’s every homeschool parent. The entire system is geared to dissuade the parent from educating their children.

CSpot: Absolutely, you’re correct! So let’s talk about something that you just first addressed in your answer which was that some of the typical criticisms that people have is that: #1 – the parents aren’t equipped, and then #2 – some of the doubts that some of the parents have that they just don’t have the time to do this or the resources.

Sam: Well, I take kind-of a two-pronged approach. First, I address the idea that it’s a sacrifice – it’s not. It’s a gift. It’s a blessing that I have, that I’m able to teach my children on several levels. One of which, of course, is that my husband works and I don’t have to go outside the house to work. But as you said in your introduction, I do work. So I balance it all. I don’t spend a lot of time lying around and eating bonbons, it’s true. My time is very greatly apportioned and that’s all that there is. So you are taking on a responsibility, but here’s the thing – you’re not taking on a responsibility that you don’t already have. You already have the responsibility to educate your children. In fact, parents have sued the school district for not educating their children and they’ve lost because the law says that the parent in responsible for the education of the child regardless if the parent sends the child to public school or not. And so I didn’t take on any new responsibility, I just recognized my own responsibility...And then the other thing is – my gosh, I mean I’m gonna have a relationship with these babies, hopefully for the rest of my life – certainly, you know, for a very long time. So I’m building that relationship now. The biggest part of home education is the relationship that you have with your children.

CSpot: On the advocacy side, how can parents join you in the advocacy part of it – What’s the best advice you have for them?

Sam: Well (pauses), that’s a good question. First of all, my book’s available in bulk (laughs).

CSpot: Where can they find your book?

Sam: Well the book’s on my website,, and I sell it in bulk on the website, because I’m thrilled if someone wants to buy ten copies and give all the copies to all their friends. So if they really want to join me in advocacy, that’s the way to do it. The idea is that homeschoolers – I think there’s close to two million homeschool children in the United States today – we need that number to grow! And then, it should be pressure on just the powers that be to change their thinking. I’m hoping that we can elect somebody who sees education as not a national issue but a state issue – who wants to put education back in the hands of the state, because we want competition between the states because that’s healthy. But that’s something that it sort-of has to grow – what’s the word – organically, I guess. But in the meantime, you know, there’s the criticism that you’re taking your child out of school and your child can be salt and light in the school. And no – my child is a child.  My child first needs to be taught the ways of the world, so that they can stand up against the ways of the world and testify. And until then, I won’t be subjecting my child to the nefarious forces that exist within our public school system."