Interview with HSLDA

The Home School Legal Defense Association has been protecting the rights of parents and families, as well as providing home schooling resources, since 1983. I was recently interviewed by HSLDA’s President Mike Smith about my new book They’re your kids!. Below you will find some of the highlights from the interview, but I encourage you to read or listen to the full interview here.

Mike: Okay. So how did we get into homeschooling?

Sam: So, I didn’t have homeschooling really on my radar until the school just completely let me down.

Mike: So, when you put them in public school you had an expectation of what?

Sam: I had an expectation that the public school was taking responsibility for educating my children, and they weren’t.

Mike: So your children were not being educated like you wanted them to. Is that right?

Sam: Absolutely, that’s correct.

Mike: So because of that, you decided to do what?

Sam: I decided to homeschool.

Mike: Sam, you recently published a book called They’re Your Kids: An Inspirational Journey from Self-Doubter to Home School Advocate. Tell us more about that book.

Sam: So, first of all, it starts with what’s wrong in our education system—and there’s a lot that’s wrong. There’s pornography in the classroom, there’s other inappropriate things that are happening in our schools, there’s a power struggle that’s going on—and actually the schools are winning that—for the admiration and the respect of the child to the detriment of the parent.

Sam: Well, it’s about service. And I’ve learned incredible things about service through my kids, and they are learning that from me.

Mike: Because you are serving them."