N. Korea, and Russia, and China, Oh, My!

N. Korea, and Russia, and China, Oh, My!

Matthew Continetti makes some salient points in this piece about America's standing in the world, and how it is being eroded. He calls on Trump to recognize the global positioning of our adversaries and their attempts to undermine and damage American power, as well as our adherence to the value of freedom. I covered this article on my Saturday, September 9th, show on

"Why did we lose this war?" asked James Burnham of Vietnam in 1972. One reason, he wrote, was that "We failed—that is, our leadership failed—to comprehend this Indochina struggle as one campaign or sub-war in a global conflict. Since we did not set it within its global frame of reference, our leaders could neither develop a comprehensive strategy to win it nor make it comprehensible to the American people."

That is a fair description of the geopolitical situation more than four decades later.

We are fighting proxy wars, as forces are increasingly united against us. 

Consider the following headlines:

  1. "Russia and China agree sanctions against North Korea useless."
  2. "U.S. Officials ‘Concerned' as Iran, Russia Plan $10 Billion Arms Deal."
  3. "China's navy expands reach: Ships in Baltic for drills with Russia."
  4. "Putin signs Syria base deal, cementing Russia's presence there for a half a century."
  5. "Russia and Turkey Send Troops to Syria, Build New Gas Pipeline at Home."
  6. "China lodges stern protest with South Korea over THAAD deployment."
  7. "Russia joins Cuba to back Maduro's power grab in Venezuela."
  8. "Videos suggest Russian government may be arming Taliban."