New incentive to homeschool

A mandatory vaccine law recently passed in CA, giving families another reason to homeschool. The vaccine law SB 277 takes away the parents right to choose when or if to vaccinate their child. However, the new law allows exemptions for homeschooled students, giving many parents the extra push to take their child out of public school. The article below discusses the new mandatory vaccine law. 

“Senate Bill 277, which last year sparked one of the most contentious debates in the state Capitol in years, takes effect Friday. But tens of thousands of Californians still remain vehemently opposed to a mandate they consider a violation of their parental rights.”

The article continues giving examples of parents who are now choosing to homeschool as a result of the new law, read the full article here. Also, check out my book They’re your kids! which, discusses the importance of homeschooling your children.