Populism or Conservatism?

Populism and conservatism, two complicated and interesting words, provoke the reader to ask questions. What is popular about populism, and what do conservatives actually conserve? An article below explains the difference between conservatism and populism, and, additionally, how Donald Trump is the new face for populism. Populism is the people’s party and in America’s current society populism is attracting more attention than conservatism. Donald Trump is advocating populist ideals and Trump has gained much traction similar to how Brexit attracted 2.8 million new voters, for the Leave Campaign. The GOP needs more voters and since Trump is the only option we must keep the party united and support him. Trump is a populist, he is for the people and chosen by the people. 

"The conservative movement in America has, for all intents and purposes, been a complete failure. Not only has it failed to produce electoral victories on a national scale, it has failed to “conserve” bathrooms that are safe for little girls, much less anything else of note. Could this be because conservatives have abandoned the issues that Americans, particularly middle-class Americans, care about and are truly affected by? 

Populism, on the other hand, is making a resurgence in America and indeed in increasingly significant pockets across Europe because it puts our people first, FIRST. That is why it is winning. That is why the elites hate it so much, and it’s ultimately the root of why they hate Donald Trump."

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