Reagan's would be assassin set free

March 30th 1981, John Hinckley Jr. attempted to assassinate one of America’s most celebrated Presidents, Ronald Reagan. Now 35 years later he is being handed his freedom.

Fox News reports on the topic, as authorities question whether or not this was a wise decision.

“The man who tried to kill President Ronald Reagan is set to go free, after a judge decided Wednesday to allow would-be assassin John Hinckley Jr. to live with his mother in Virginia full-time.

“I’m very glad this happened after Mrs. Reagan passed on,” said Reagan’s 1984 campaign manager Ed Rollins, referencing the death of Nancy Reagan in March. “It would have been a very disturbing thing for her.”

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute issued a statement disapproving of the judge's decision. "Contrary to the judge's decision, we believe John Hinckley is still a threat to others and we strongly oppose his release," the statement said.

“I think any of us who were there on the day Reagan was shot, and Brady was permanently injured, will always have really serious reservations about letting this guy out without having some restraint on him,” Rollins told “Anybody who tries to murder a president ought to basically be watched for the rest of his life,” Rollins said."

This article by the Rolling Stone offers further insight.