We Can Make Our Cities Safe Again

"In the first week of August, there were 78 shootings in Chicago. That level of violence isn’t perpetrated by the police. It’s what the police are trying to fight. And although many Americans seem to have grown numb to violent crime in our inner cities, it is worth reminding ourselves that it merits an equal level of concern, attention and outrage. So far in Chicago this year, 396 people have been murdered and more than 2,000 shot. That is a 43 percent increase in murders over the same period in 2015, and a 48 percent increase in shootings. That level of violence is unacceptable in an American city. And alarmingly, Chicago is not alone. In a study of 56 major cities in the U.S., homicides are up 17 percent on average.”

Newt Gingrich lists these horrifying facts of violence and murder in American cities to make a point. The government was created first and foremost to protect the people from domestic and international affairs. Yet our government has drastically failed. This horrifying violence needs to be stopped so what are the options?

Gingrich continues saying,

"For those Americans who live in our violent inner cities, the Democrats have only one answer: gun control. Of course, Chicago already has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country. They haven’t stopped the violence. And if Democrats succeeded in passing one more gun control law, there is little doubt that would fail as well. So in truth, the Democrats have no answer to this crisis at all."

Gun control laws will not end the violence. Instead, governments need to promote policies which protect the people. Gingrich explains the policies of Bill Bratton in New York City. Bratton, made NYC the safest large city in America, and in 23 years the murder rate dropped by 83 percent.

An older article from the City Journal explained some of his policies,

“Under Bratton, the NYPD brought enormous capacities to bear on the city’s crime problem—particularly Compstat, its tactical planning and accountability system, which identified where crimes were occurring and held local commanders responsible for their areas.”

Read the full article here.

Safe city policies, such as what New York has instituted, can help stop the horrific city violence and Newt Gingrich ended his piece with,

"We can make our cities safe again."