They’re YOUR Kids

They’re YOUR Kids

For most of us, learning began as the uncomfortable process of sitting in classrooms with teachers thrusting information at us, giving us tests, and often wasting our time. There were class clowns, bullies, teacher’s pets, popular kids, and the kids no one wanted to be around. For some, their fondest memories of school are the social experiences, and for others, those are the most heart breaking. Should school be mainly about the social, though? And what if the current method simply isn’t as successful as we expect?

They're Your Kids
They're Your Kids

What if we admitted to ourselves that the public school system is tragically flawed, instead of blindly relying on the same misguided, decrepit bureaucracy for our precious children?
“Because that’s how I grew up,” just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Our children deserve better than to be institutionalized in an education system developed during the Industrial Age. School shootings, homework, and failing grades are all on the rise. Even school administrators admit that their students are falling farther behind. Politicians throw money at the problem and implement unproven and illogical new “standards,” while the teachers’ unions contribute to their campaigns and protect their own.

As a mom of three and the wife of Kevin Sorbo, an actor who travels frequently, Sam struggled with simply relying on the status quo for their young children’s public school education. On an extended trip for one of Kevin’s film shoots, Sam discovered she was playing a role herself, as the “substitute teacher.” Nobody likes the sub! Public school was forming a wedge between her and her young ones. It was this sobering recognition that launched her remarkable journey into home education.

Home schooling provides a safer, sounder, and more spirit-centered didactic alternative, even for busy parents, and it’s not as difficult as our bloated, entrenched education establishment wants you to believe.

With extensive data and many shudder-worthy examples, Sam explores the systemic inadequacies plaguing the public education system. They may leave you wondering why any discerning parent still puts her faith in public school. Once you understand the disintegration behind the classroom door, the solution becomes clear. This book then guides you through implementing a better educational approach for your family, one that is tried and true. Sam’s extraordinary story, her discoveries, challenges, and triumphs, will encourage you to embrace the wonderful benefits and incredible possibilities of home education for your beloved children.

  • Concerned for the future of your children?
  • Think you can’t home school because you work full-time?
  • Frustrated with your child’s so-called teachers?
  • Anxious about schoolyard bullies?
  • Too scared to even consider home schooling your children?

Be a hero to your children, skip the school drop-off lines and fund-raisers, and enjoy a better kind of parent-teacher meeting – the one in the mirror! This book can show you how.

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I want to thank you for what you are doing to promote homeschool. We pulled our girls from public school to homeschool in 2nd and 3rd grade. Our girls are now 12 and the twins are 14. It has blessed our family in countless ways! I too thought "I could never do that" I look back and am thankful that my eyes were opened to see differently! We potty train....we teach them their first steps....we don't sent them to an "expert" for that! Some days I am teaching, others I am redeeming my education, but in it all - I am thankful for our time together!

I plan to recommend your book often and think it is very well written. I thank God every day for the opportunity to homeschool my children, it is more rewarding then I ever could have imagined. When I was first considering homeschooling, your book would have helped me overcome my fears. Even now it reinforces my choice and empowers me to be an even stronger advocate to others who are considering homeschooling.

My husband and I met you at the Educational Policy Conference in St. Louis a few weeks ago. I just wanted to let you know that your book is exactly the kind of information I was looking for to make an informed decision about putting our kids in the public schools. Thank you for doing the homework for us!

I attended the Educational Policy Conference where you spoke in St. Louis. I sat next to you at the preview of the Gosnell movie. You mentioned in your talk a chart you wrote about "shielding the brain." Do you have that available for sale? Thank you for your efforts for what is feminine, Christian, American and common sense. God bless you.

Public schools are a nightmare and almost ruined my daughter . Sam is absolutely correct. I'm so glad you are working hard for us. God bless.

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Marriage, Movies, and Miracles. Oh, my! Marriage is a dance and movies are minefields of problems and politics, but miracles are more common than you might believe. Though sometimes you might step on each other’s toes, Kevin and Sam show that if you keep your feet moving and your hearts focused on God’s divine rhythm, you can discover successes you might never imagine. All it takes is a little faith.

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