True Strength: My Journey From Half-God to Mere Mortal and How Nearly Dying Saved My Life

True Strength: My Journey From Half-God to Mere Mortal and How Nearly Dying Saved My Life

On television, as the star of the popular Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Kevin Sorbo portrayed an invincible demi god. He relished living the part—putting in 14-hour days on set, doing his own stunts, and relentlessly working out at the gym. Until one day, it all came to an abrupt end.

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True Strength
True Strength

Now, for the first time, Sorbo shares what viewers didn’t know: he suffered three strokes from an aneurysm in his shoulder that had been radiating blood clots throughout his body, likely for months. He was left partially blind and entirely incapacitated at just 38 years old. Appearances are everything in Hollywood, so Sorbo and the production studio hid the full details of his condition from the media. After all, how could the strongest man in the world be… fragile?

To continue filming Hercules, the number-one worldwide syndicated TV series at the time, they frantically reworked scripts and revamped production to allow for the star’s severely limited involvement. But as the effects of the strokes persisted—with painful, mysterious, debilitating symptoms—and physicians could offer few answers, Sorbo grew increasingly despondent. What happens when your entire identity vanishes? True Strength is the story of how one man faced the unimaginable and ultimately found the real measure of success.

With tongue-in-cheek humor and an unfailingly candid voice, Sorbo reflects on his childhood in Minnesota, his early modeling and acting days, and his hard-charging charmed life in television. He recounts the onset of his stroke symptoms, the frightening hospitalizations, his battle with depression, and fighting for a recovery that defied medical expectations. And how, through it all, love conspired to save him from missing out on what matters.

With this refreshingly honest account of celebrity, personal tragedy, and the power of letting go, Sorbo aims to blaze a trail for anyone who may have suffered a serious setback in life and is struggling to find their way forward.

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I started to read this book and could not put it down. Kevin Sorbo is a natural author and should definitely write more books. He writes in such a way that you were there with him and felt all his pain and frustration. His wife Sam is a remarkable woman. I watched the Hercules series with my grandchildren (who are now Adults) and could not believe that this could happen to such a fit person but I am glad that, although it took a long time, Kevin has recovered so well.

I suffered a stroke a few weeks ago (age 55) having been healthy, active and on a healthy diet. Why? Thank God, I have regained use of my limbs, but feel just like Kevin inside. No one understand what is going on in my mind. I have to conquer it myself. This book has inspired me to persevere. To keep believing. Thank you Kevin, I am not alone.

Having loved Ken Sorbo for years, I couldn't pass up a book by HIM (not a Hollywood Ghost writer). Was totally unaware of his illness, he hid it so well! His journey (Journey, Don't stop believing', 😉 ) has helped me understand mine and hopefully battle/embrace it. One again Hercules and Dylan Hunt have come to the rescue. I highly recommend this book, it's brilliant.

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Marriage, Movies, and Miracles. Oh, my! Marriage is a dance and movies are minefields of problems and politics, but miracles are more common than you might believe. Though sometimes you might step on each other’s toes, Kevin and Sam show that if you keep your feet moving and your hearts focused on God’s divine rhythm, you can discover successes you might never imagine. All it takes is a little faith.

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