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Keynote Speaker:  Education | Freedom | Faith

Sam is an Education Freedom Advocate and an expert on Home Learning

After high school in Pittsburgh, PA, Sam studied biomedical engineering at Duke University before pursuing a career in modeling. Modeling offered her the chance to travel and learn languages; she is fluent in five.

Sam moved to Los Angeles for acting, where dedication and perseverance gained her roles in several films (Bonfire of the Vanities and Twenty Bucks) and TV shows, including Chicago Hope and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.

Hercules introduced her to Kevin Sorbo, who swept her off her feet. They married in 1998 and she moved to New Zealand. While living in Auckland, Sam created and published a humorous and educational photo-book, Gizmoe: The Legendary Journeys, Auckland.

She is radio host of nationally syndicated The Sam Sorbo Show, speaks publicly around the country and recently appeared in the movies Hope Bridge, with Kevin Sorbo and Boo Boo Stewart, and Just Let Go with Ian Cusick, for which she won “Best Supporting Actress” at the Utah Film Festival.

Sam is a powerful voice of reason, combined with irreverent humor, someone who understands politics and pop culture in an intimate way.

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Join into the conversation with Sam Sorbo on the Underground Education Community.  It is one of the channels on the LIVE FREE Community.

Underground Education is focused on viewing education through the lens of Family | Faith | Freedom.   This community is by invitation only and is secure and free of censorship.

If you are considering pulling your kids (or grandkids) out of public or private school, this is the Community for you.  This is not a discussion group for traditional home schooling, but a place to understand home learning.

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Sexual Abuse in Schools

Sam talks about an article from Fox detailing teachers aids charged with alleged sex crimes?!

If you're considering taking your children out of the public school system and don't know ...
where to begin, consider coming to the Playbook for Home Learning Conference by Underground Education in Port St. Lucie Fl.

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Sam Sorbo is an education freedom advocate and an expert on home learning (aka home schooling).

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Sam Sorbo INTERVIEWS: Kirk Cameron

Actor Kirk Cameron (The Homeschool Awakening) dives into the adventures of dynamic American families on a mission to put fun and faith back into their education and learning. He explores ...the ins, outs, and honest answers to homeschooling's most frequently asked questions.

You can learn more about his latest film here - - - - -

If you want to take hold of your children's education and don't know where to begin come the Playbook for Home Learning Conference June 24-25th in Port St. Lucie Fl. For more information go to - - - - -
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All books and videos are fulfilled by Sorbo Studios.


Sam Sorbo shows exactly how radical left-wingers have manipulated language to fit their own socialistic and anti-freedom agenda.


Kevin & Sam show that if  your hearts focused on God’s divine rhythm, you can discover successes you might never imagine.


Sam’s Teach from Love was a follow-up to encourage families to talk about Godly characteristics and instill virtue in their children.

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In 50 Things Every Child Needs to Know Before Leaving Home, Dr. Josh and Jen Mulvihill help parents put a plan into action to raise children to maturity in Christ.

This book is a guidebook to help parents chart a course to holistically disciple their child to mature, godly adulthood while also functioning as a keepsake that will allow parents to capture milestones and memories associated with each of the fifty areas to give to a child when he or she is older.


This plot of this movie follows a prominent atheist who goes through a near-death experience in an accident and through an unexpected encounter, he becomes a Christian.   Sam Sorbo appeared in the movie, with her husband Kevin and co-authored the screenplay.

The executive producer was Sean Hannity, who also makes a cameo appearance.


Sam wrote They’re Your Kids: An Inspirational Journey from Self-Doubter to Home School Advocate as a guide for parents considering home schooling.

Sam’s extraordinary story, her discoveries, challenges, and triumphs, will encourage you to recognize and embrace the wonderful benefits and incredible possibilities of home education for your family.

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