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Sam Sorbo


As an education freedom advocate, Sam's mission is to help parents and their children  emancipate from our modern school system. A successful Hollywood film actress, writer, and producer, Sam stepped back from her own career to immerse herself in the home education of her three young children for over a decade. Recognizing the brokenness of our institutional system led Sam to understand there is much more to education than academics. As a prolific author, podcast and radio host, international public speaker, and mentor, Sam is dedicated to teaching families how to "educate…differently."

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Sam and PragerU

Sam and PragerU

"Thank you for graciously giving your time and wisdom to our ladies. Everyone’s life was touched in one way or another and you certainly gave us all many piercing nuggets of truth to digest and hopefully transform our lives. It was a pleasure meeting you and thank you for the gifts my family plans on watching it this weekend. God bless you and your family."


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